Transport and Main Roads corporate forms

Forms are currently available for downloading as Portable Document Format (PDF) files. PDF software is usually included with most computers, but if your computer does not have a PDF reader, you can also download this software for free from various websites. Approximately 30 entries will display. Use the show, collapse and expand links (below) to see more forms available.

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F1454Rego Easy ApplicationOct 2020
F2336Seasonal Registration ApplicationSep 2021
F3517Vehicle/Queensland Regulated Ship Cancellation of Registration ApplicationMar 2024
F3518Vehicle Registration ApplicationJun 2024
F3520Vehicle Registration Transfer ApplicationJul 2023
F3521Queensland Regulated Ship Registration Transfer ApplicationAug 2020
F3525Queensland Regulated Ship Registration ApplicationNov 2021
F3529Vehicle Details Inspection SheetApr 2024
F3937Pensioners, Seniors and Prescribed Service Persons Registration Concession ApplicationNov 2023
F4058Written-off Vehicle Notifier Registration/Amendment ApplicationApr 2023
F5296Application to Transact with Registration Products on behalf of a Deceased PersonJul 2023
F5380Restricted Area Concession ApplicationMay 2023
F5381Primary Producer Concession/Qualification ApplicationJun 2024
F5382Farm Plate Concession ApplicationMay 2023
F5384Primary Producer Sharing ApplicationJul 2023
F5390Attach One Number Plate to a Specific Conditionally Registered Vehicle ApplicationJun 2023
F5392Special Interest Vehicle Registration Concession ApplicationNov 2023
F5403Vehicle Registration Transfer Application Feb 2024
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